Amazon Buy Box: The Secret Weapon To Beating Out The Competition

If you’re selling your products on Amazon, you’re competing with many different sellers who may be selling the exact same products as you.  Having an edge over the other sellers is essential to making sure that your brand is the one the customers choose.  One of the biggest tools to make sure that you stand above the fray is the Amazon Buy Box.  An estimated 80% of all sales on Amazon happen through the Buy Box, with mobile sales seeing an even higher proportion.

But how does the Buy Box work, and what do you have to do to win it?  We’ll go over what the Amazon Buy Box is, why it’s important, and how you can consistently win the buy box.

What Is The Amazon Buy Box?

The Buy Box is what allows a customer to purchase a product on Amazon.  It’s a section on the right side of an Amazon product detail page where customers can select the number of items they would like to purchase, then either add the product to their cart or click “buy now”.  The “buy now” button allows customers to instantly purchase the product without having to leave the web page.

Amazon includes two groups of sellers: first party (sold by Amazon) and third-party sellers.  Every product on Amazon’s website has its own specific product detail page, even though the same product may be sold by multiple sellers.  Because many of these sellers sell the same exact items on Amazon, whoever is chosen as the Buy Box winner will be the seller from who the customer purchases the product.

Winning the Buy Box also allows you to run Sponsored Products ads on Amazon.

What Does It Take To Win?

Obviously, winning the Buy Box is essential to increasing your sales and beating out the competition.  Unfortunately, Amazon’s formula for determining the Buy Box winner is quite complex, based on several different factors that you’ll have to stay on top of.  To begin with, in order to be eligible to win the Buy Box, you must be a professional seller with a high enough order volume.  

Next, Amazon will take into account whether or not you provide the best customer service experience for all of your customers.  This means making sure you have a high seller performance, excellent shipping standards, a low return rate, and the best prices.  If you use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) method to fill your orders, then you’ll be given Buy Box priority.  This is because Amazon can quickly determine your ability to fill product orders.

How To Win The Amazon Buy Box

There are a few ways to make sure you beat out your competitors and win the Buy Box.  Firstly, you can price your products competitively to make them more attractive to customers and boost your sales.  You should also ensure your items are always in stock, as being out of stock can harm your Amazon account health.  When it comes to shipping, make sure that all of your products are packaged properly and ship quickly and on-time.

Your customer service should also be impeccable, as a short customer service response time will help improve your seller performance metrics.  Processing refunds in a timely manner will also keep your metrics high, as will collecting an abundance of positive customer reviews and avoiding a high order defect rate (ODR).

It’s clear that winning the Amazon Buy Box is a golden ticket for boosting your sales and edging out the competition.  If you make sure your products are eligible and follow these tips, you can increase your seller performance metrics and win the Buy Box.