Amazon Lightning Deals: Bolt Your Way To The Top

One of the most enticing things about Black Friday sales is the fact that these sales are limited to a short window of time.  Amazon takes the concept of time-sensitive offers and narrows it down even further with their Lightning Deals.  Lightning Deals can easily catch the eye of customers looking for a good bargain, but they’re also a great way for sellers to stand out from the crowd.  Here’s a basic guide to Amazon Lightning Deals, what they can do for your products, and how to get started using them.

What Are Amazon Lightning Deals?

A Lightning Deal is a promotion on Amazon that offers a limited number of discounts on an item for a short period of time.  Amazon is known to have 7-day deals that offer sales over a few days, but the Lightning Deals will only last a few hours.  Amazon displays a live timeline informing buyers as to how long they have left before the sale ends.

You can find Lightning Deals underneath the Today’s Deals or Prime Day page.  Lightning Deals are not unlimited, however, as they’re only available one per customer until either the deal ends or all of them are claimed.  If other customers currently hold all of the discounts (but they have not necessarily checked out yet), there is an option to join the waitlist and snag any deals that don’t get finalized.

Lightning Deals show the following information:

  • The product on sale
  • If there are any available variations of the product
  • The amount of the discount and final price of the item
  • The percentage of deals already claimed
  • A timer that shows the amount of time you have to claim the deal

How Amazon Lightning Deals Can Improve Your Sales

The Amazon Deals Page

There are many benefits to running an Amazon Lightning Deal.  The first is that it snags you a spot on the Amazon Deals page, which is one of the most visited pages on their whole website.  This can boost your product’s visibility, earn you new customers, and create brand awareness.  It’s an especially effective way to advertise your products during peak periods like holidays.

Boosts Your Sales

While it isn’t a guarantee, higher visibility for your product combined with a discounted price will almost always give you a lift in sales.  This can even extend to your other products, leading customers to check out what else you have to offer and potential purchase it.  The more sales you make, the more reviews you can get and the higher your product will rank.  This can lead to higher sales in the future as well.

Clears Out Excess Inventory

Lightning Deals are particularly helpful for clearing out old inventory that you don’t want to hold onto anymore.  Whether you’ve got an excess stock of something, your products are slower-moving than you would prefer, or your item will soon be out of season, a Lightning Deal can help you sell it.  This can lower your storage costs and allow you to buy more of the products that you need.

How To Get Started

Check Your Eligibility

Not everyone can take part in Amazon Lightning Deals.  There are certain criteria for sellers you’ll need to meet as well as criteria for individual products.

In order to be eligible to list a Lightning Deal, you have to:

  • Receive at least five seller feedback ratings every month
  • Be a Professional Seller on Amazon
  • Have an overall seller rating of no less than 3.5 stars

Individual products will be eligible only if they:

  • Have a three-star rating or higher
  • Have a low return rate
  • Are Prime-eligible in all regions (which requires you to use either FBA or SFP)
  • Are listed in “new” condition and have as many variations as possible
  • Are not offensive, inappropriate, or restricted

Create A Deal

To create a Lightning Deal, select Advertising in the menu of your Seller Central account and go to Lightning Deals.  There you will see a list of your products that are eligible for lightning deals.  You can pick the products and create deals for them individually, selecting the discounted price and the number of units you want to sell at that price.  You can also select which variations you want to include, i.e. different sizes and colors of your product.  

Make sure to create an attractive deal that entices buyers to choose your product.  Here are a few tips for creating a good deal:

  • Don’t repeat the same deals regularly.  Make it exclusive by giving it a time frame of between 4 and 12 hours.
  • Make your discount at least 20% off in order to be attractive.
  • Make your deal something no one else is offering.
  • Make your deal run during the time your product is most likely to sell.  While Prime Day Deals are usually more expensive, they also usually lead to higher sales.

Factor In The Cost

Amazon Lightning Deals are not free.  If you set up a Lightning Deal poorly, it will cost you more than it’s worth.  The price of a Lightning Deal also changes based on the time of the deal, so be sure to factor this in before making a deal.  Make sure your sale price is still high enough to account for the cost of the Lightning Deal as well as the value of the products you’re selling.  Be sure you have enough stock to fulfill all your orders because if you run out, this can hurt your seller rating.

Amazon Lightning Deals are not for everybody.  Because they’re a form of advertising, the fees associated with running a Lightning Deal may not be worth what you’ll make.  However, Lightning Deals can be an easy way to lift your sales and reach a wider variety of customers.  Take a look at the Lightning Deals section of your Seller Central account today to see whether or not you’re eligible and determine if Lightning Deals are right for you.